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   - In 2008, my husband and I struggled to find a childcare center that met our standards. The Learning Center has been a true blessing to our family. Our children get excited about their day and have formed a strong bond with their teachers and classmates. The Learning Center offers a high-energy, educational curriculum that promotes fun and interactive learning. Vitaliy and Elena have put their heart and soul into this school. I would recommend the Learning Center to any family looking fopiece of mindnchildcare.e.

~ Alicia Reinhard~ Alicia Reinhard


 - Vitaliy and Elena Autin of Marina Home Daycare and Learning Center have been providing childcare services for our children, Max and Louis, aged four and two, for just under two years. These services include general daycare services and also preschool tuition. The children do various art projects, and our four-year old has also been learning to write, read and to do basic arithmetic. They are also given regular physical education which includes gymnastics and swimming classes..
We have been extremely happy with Marina Home Daycare. Elena and Vitaliy provide a happy, safe and stimulating environment and show obvious care and interest in each individual child. We would gladly recommend them to anyone..

Erin and Ted MillerErin and Ted Millerr

My son has attended Marina Daycare since August 2007. I have found the facility to be well kept, clean and well organized. Vitaliy and Elena have designed a program that meets the children's needs based on their age. I am an educator and appreciate the organization of space, learning activities and behavior management. I have also found Elena and Vitaliy to very professional, responsible and personable. I highly recommend their daycare to other parents.

~ Stacey Stands~ Stacey Stands

 - We spend a very long period of time searching and examining the daycare providers in our area before we settled on Marina Daycare and we couldn't be happier with our decision. Our two children ages 6 and 2 have been going to Marina Daycare for well over 1 year and we are continually impressed with the level of care and education that is provided for them. Our children are always happy to be dropped off for a day of fun and learning at Marina (which is something that did not always happen with previous providers!) and half the time they don't want to leave!
We have been very satisfied with our decision to have our children cared for at Marina Daycare and would recommend them to anybody who wants high quality childcare for their children.n.

~Landon & Jaime Maughan

- I wanted to share my positive experience with Marina Day Care and its owners, Vitaliy and Elena Autin. Our son, Henry, is now 3 years old and has attended the daycare for over one year. Elena and Vitaliy create a very encouraging and caring environment for the children but also have an excellent preschool program. Henry is already learning to read and to write! They make sure to balance learning time, structured activity time like gymnastics or swimming lessons, with rest and free play time, both indoors and out. Our son is happy to go to his daycare each day and we know that is high praise indeed. I also appreciate how "hands-on" Elena and Vitaliy are. Far from being absentee owners, they always are present in the daycare, know exactly what is going on with the children and care for them with love and kindness.
~Andrea Daum



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